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Trayectos # journeys


This is a poetic fable around the concept of journey , travel, movement, trip. Everything comes from a poem that adopted a video format and the result was crying over a succession of visual creations .They do not tell a poetic story but they seek the pleasure of contemplation, trying to maintain a great conceptual and aesthetic coherence.

Trayectos_original_video poem

** Finalist in the video poem contest videopoetry Fractal Festival 2014




VJ brief session to electronic music piece. Here single images are displayed.



"It is false to see just a body when we see before us a human figure. [ ... ] Meat is constitutively essential physical and psychic body charged with electricity; character , in short. "

Studies on love, Jose Ortega y Gasset.


Poetic and intimate video with the skin as a protagonist. I have tried to cover the different prisms that inspire me and symbolize my particular vision through the following pairs : body - water, skin - beauty, geometry - dunes, flesh - desire.

Video screened at the International Video Art Festival Les Instants Vidéos de Marseille, 2014 .



Video made in homage to Pablo Neruda's verses:

"I need the sea because it teaches me, 

I don’t know if I learn music or awareness, 

if it’s a single wave or its vast existence, 

or only its harsh voice or its shining 

suggestion of fishes and ships. 

The fact is that until I fall asleep, 

in some magnetic way I move in 

the university of the waves."

The sea, Pablo Neruda

Bye, body


Analogy between the disempowerment of women about their bodies in a current context of a new most restrictive abortion law , and the abuse of power that can come to exert a government on such intimate and personal matters as it is the decision of having children or not. The video shows a visual metaphor of how the woman goes losing the power of her body.



Experiments . 5 sequences of 5 seconds , with ambient sound. Any day .

HOLLOW: The Harvest and the Forgotten Tiles


HOLLOW is a multidisciplinary project that features photography, video art and digital collage . It focuses on the loss and abandonment broadly and assume the purpose of representing emotional universe that sustain the loss , and that irremediable gap left through the capture of abandoned places .

What was and is not, what we had and we no longer have , or what they wanted to have and fails .

It's a project that never ends, I show you here two of the video works I've made.

HOLLOW: The Delicate Dance of What Remains



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